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Theme Two: The Second Great Awakening contributed to the reform impulse by emphasizing individual responsibility perfection. Which reform movement you feel was most successful in this antebellum America methods, identify significant writings, leaders obstacles faced when working towards this goal. Sign up to access the rest of the this unit students explore the growth of reform movements and their consequences during the antebellum period. There was it seemed, to right wrongs , its people, an almost frantic effort during the antebellum years to perfect America eradicate evils. Antebellum_ reformers_ speed_ dating. Theme One: The first half of the 1800s brought rapid social economic, technological changes which laid the groundwork for reform. This is the end of the preview. Period One Link to Reform Jigsaw Period Two Link to Reform Jigsaw Period Three Link to Reform Jigsaw.

Your response must be at least 200 words in form& Religious movements. Antebellum movement assignment. Home Teaching Framingham State HIST 120 American Lives ( Fall ) HIST 120 Assignments Unit 2: Slavery our main autobiography will be The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Freedom in Antebellum America For this unit, Freedom in Antebellum America Unit 2: Slavery , Written by Himself, An American Slave first published in 1845 at the height of the abolition movement in the formers Assignment - Antebellum Reformers Mini Project.

How did religious reform movements redefine American concepts of freedom, equality morality? Students examine the origin character of a variety of reform movements including education, women’ s rights, abolition temperance. Pptx: File Size: 58 kb: File Type: pptx: Download File.

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Antebellum movement assignment - Antebellum assignment. The questions you will need to be prepared to answer are found at the end of this Power Point. Battle of Fredericksburg; Part of the American Civil War: Battle of Fredericksburg: the Army of the Potomac crossing the Rappahannock River in the morning of December.

Antebellum Reform Movement Assignment Instructions: Choose one of the below reform movements that played a role in Antebellum America from.
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You will research and create a 2 page typed response using the below guidelines. Antebellum Reform MovementsThey wanted the nation to live up to its promise of " liberty and equality for all.

Religious feeling also spurred many reformers.
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Reform took many directions. Two of the most sweeping goals were equal rights for women and the abolition of slavery.
Reformers often faced opposition, criticism, and even threats.

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PowerPoint: " Antebellum American Art" Questions: How was the work of James Fennimore Cooper the culmination of an effort to produce a truly American literature? What did the work suggest about the nation and its people?

List the major characteristics of the early 19 c artistic movement known as the Hudson River School. You will research one antebellum reformer found in the next few slides.

You will present your information in a Speed Dating activity on Thursday December 3.

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You will participate in character. Unit 8 Antebellum Reform .